Off Leash at Lulu Lake

Hi guys!

So it has been awhile, and for that I apologize.  My sister and I have a lot of things in the works and they have, unfortunately, been taking time away from us enjoying our hobbies as much as we’d like to.

But, since my work has calmed down and she is away on vacation visiting our family in Florida and Maryland (the lucky duck), I decided it was time for me and Bear to get back into the game!

We used the wonderful weather this past weekend to go hike around Lulu Lake, just outside East Troy, WI.  It is almost right down the street from Beulah Bog.  It’s a beautiful area, and it was a GORGEOUS spring day outside – and if I had not known better, I would have thought it was already summer!



Lulu Lake has several hiking options and various access point.  I chose to do the preserve trail because it offered less interruptions for me and Bear to do our off-leash training.  Neither the maps located around the trail, nor online had any specifics of the lengths.  So if I had to guess I would say it was around 2.5 miles, but definitely no more than 3 miles.


Bear had a blast!  He stuck by my feet most of the way and I made sure to leash him back up if there were any other people enjoying hikes.  He is a very friendly puppy, but gets perturbed when he can’t visit and say hi to every passerby!

Bear was loving how much freedom he had.  Every once in awhile he would burst ahead in a floppy, puppy-styled run only to realize I wasn’t right there running around with him.  He would stop dead in his tracks, turn around and just stare at me like, “Mom…why aren’t you also running through these awesome trails?!”  He was so happy all day.  The hike definitely pooped him out for the rest of the day.


Being as prepared as I was, he went through both my water bottle and his!  The stinker was so tired, that by the end of the trail, he wouldn’t even stand up to drink.  He just hugged his water bowl and drank laying down.

This hike and the smaller ones I’ve done with Bear have gotten me excited to build up his stamina, so that he can eventually do longer and more challenging hikes with me and Bekki!  I also cannot wait until he is grown and developed more so that he can start to go running with me!  He’s still too young, and though he enjoys his short bursts, it would be too much and a bit detrimental to his growing body to subject him to any real running right now.



Overall, I can say that both Bear and I enjoy walking natural trails more than the streets we are forced to stay on during the weekdays.  Hopefully next week will bring about more good weather and another addition to Backpacking for Brews!

Unfortunately, Bekki and I hiked this area already and the closest brewery was Second Salem Brewing.  They are fantastic and definitely worth going to again, but I really wanted to find a new location!  The one I had in mind was Foxhead Brewing, but they are currently closed to the public.  Foxhead is located in Waukesha, so it was going to be an unconventional choice in that it isn’t local to the where we were hiking, but local is local and this area is very connected by highways.

I admit, this is not the most planned post I have written, but that is what happens when nice weather surprises you!  Also, I tend to be very spontaneous and hiking this weekend was not a planned event.  I had been meaning to continue our adventures for this blog, but wasn’t sure if I was going to go without Bekki!  Expect the next adventure to be better thought-out, and include some sort of craft beverage!


As always, here’s to the next one!


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