Behind the Scenes

Before we begin our journey – we’d like you to know who we are and why we’re doing this.

First and foremost, we are sisters.  Not always the friendliest members growing up, but as “adults” we are thick as thieves.  This idea, as all good ideas in our family happen, started as a meaningless joke that quickly turned real.  During a nightly phone conversation, Bekki suggested a hike at Devil’s Lake State Park and possibly visiting a nearby winery as a way to spend her day off.  I thought it was a great idea! What goes better together than some fresh air and a good drink? The more we discussed it, the more the idea grew. Then, Bekki posed the greatest question of 2017 – “Why don’t we make this a thing? Go hiking, find a brewery and write about it?”

Thus Backpacking for Brews was born.



I’ve had this Wisconsin hiking book for over a year. And for over a year, I’ve watched this book collect dust on my nightstand, rather use it as a guide to explore all the beautiful places that surround me. I love hiking, I love the outdoors, and I love beer – so no more dust collecting, I am ready to start hiking. Most of all, I love that I have been given the opportunity to explore the state that has quickly become my home over the past 9 years, and that I get to share this experience with my (big) little sister.


There is a lot I can say about who I am, but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is why I think this blog is a fantastic idea. I have always loved hiking and I love that it’s something that can be done almost anywhere. It’s a great way to learn the area you’re in and about yourself. I also love a good beer, wine or whatever to celebrate the day. I’m excited to go on this adventure and happy I can share it with my sister and any friends we make along the way.


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